Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome Cub Scouts

Dear Parents and Wolves,

We had a fantastic pinewood derby! The skit was great. We really appreciated your participation.

We will use this blog to post our schedule (on the right) and keep you informed of activities you can do at home to help your son complete his requirements.

On March 10th, we will meet at 4:15 at Louisa Slater's home (347 W 3800 N) and use her expertise regarding geology.  We will be making a rock collection for each boy.  If your child has a collection they'd like to share, we will give them a minute to show and tell.

On March 17th, we will be going GREEN!!!  We will be working on achievement 7c regarding recycling.  We will make pine cone bird feeders with peanut butter and seeds.

On March 24th, we will practice for our color guard presentation and discuss the American Flag!  We will cover achievement 2e.

On March 31st, there will be no Cub Scouts.  You can use this week to complete achievement 6b and 11a.

We hope to see your son at all of these activities.  Please call or leave a comment if you have any questions.

Thanks for your support,

Arlene and Alyson


  1. thanks for the link to this blog, I think it's a great idea!

    Just one question: my son Gabe is turning 8 on the 29th, when would you like him to attend scouts, just the first time after that?


  2. Fabulous ladies, thanks so much!
    Katie Andersen